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This week one of our favourite Agencies, Blooming Mumma's interviewed our Founder and Influencer Coach, Rosalind Weinberg on the importance of your contact list. Rosalind explains why most of the time its 'not what you know, it's who you know'...

How long has The Influencers Diary been in operation for and how did the idea for the APP come about?

The Influencer's Diary launch in March 2018 with the most insane event at London Reign Nightclub. It was probably one of the best nights of my life, the support was amazing, still gives me goose pimples today! The que went round 3 blocks of Regent Street, it was a 1000 + event, live performances, a Champagne show and free flowing Ciroc vodka all night. I remember waking up the next morning to press coverage across the Daily Mail, Metro and The Sun Newspaper, I think from that moment people knew I was going to shake up the scene!
The idea of The Influencer's Diary was to give bloggers and influencers the power to get ahead. I wanted there to be full transparency between brands and influencers. I couldn't understand why people we're making everything so complicated. I wanted to streamline the process, make things easier to digest, accessible and bring back those lost personal relationships.

What do you like about working with Influencers?

You mean " What do you like about working with your friends" -  I'm lucky that a majority of the influencers using my platform I know on a personal level or at least have met once or connected online.
I don't boast a university degree or even have a background in tech, I just understand what brands need and how to communicate with bloggers and influencers.
Being a millennial and an influencer myself, means I know the market, as I am the market.

How many contacts do you have on TID?

The Influencer's Diary has only recently launched  "The Directory" subscription area. But to date we have over 300 contacts. These are the contact details to your favourite brands PR / Marketing teams. Allowing you to reach the right people that handle the brands influencer relationships. Rather than spamming and quite frankly.. not getting very far.
We cover a number of sectors including Fashion and Accessories, Beauty, Fragrance and Male Grooming, Travel and Hospitality, Tech, Food and Drink, Baby and Parenting, Home and Interiors and we will soon be introducing sustainable brands to the list, as highly requested.

How regularly do you update the contacts?

Our database is constantly being updated by the whole team and new contacts are being added daily!

What are your most popular contacts on TID?

I couldn't tell you the most popular contacts but the influencers currently using The Directory have had huge successes. @danieljlsoloman has collaborated with Boohoo Man, @Phoebelourdes has collaborated with Boux Avenue, Firebox and Pixi Beauty, @natalie_nwagbo has collaborated with Sketchers, Dancing Leopard and Pixi Beauty @_shemaliah has collaborated with Pixi Beauty, @_khadijaa_ has collaborated with Pretty Little Thing, @issycerys has collaborated with Boohoo and Coast, @vikkyxo has collaborated with Pretty Little Thing, @carolineandcurves has collaborated with Tropic Skincare and Larocpro Makeup, @danubiasousa has collaborated with Ella's Kitchen, @stylewithtracey has collaborated with Tropic Skincare and Pixi Beauty, @ivybeauandco has collaborated with Pixi Beauty, @aimee_batt has collaborated with Pixi Beauty.. to name a few! Haha `

What advice would you give to someone using TID for the first time? / What are the benefits to using it as an Influencer?

You can bag gifting opportunities and RSVP to our own events via the basic version of the app (Which is free to download.) However the real magic lies within The Directory and VIP Events area's which you can subscribe to via the app for only £14.99!
The Directory -  lists the contact details to the right people who handle the influencer relationships at your favourite brands (Rather than spamming info@ and hearing no response) This allows you to reach the right person, introduce yourself, build relationships with the key people working at your favourite brands, be added to their mailing list and secure gifting and paid collaborations!
VIP Events - This area of the app lists all of the industry events happening right now! Along with the Event hosts contact details so you can email him/her directly to secure your place.

With the rise of the influencer industry have you seen your APP become more popular? And how have you adapted?

We actually launched 'The Directory' area as COVID begun. We originally had this scheduled to launch later on in the year however bought the launch forward so that we could help bloggers and influences achieve their goals during this period.
Right now is the PERFECT time to reach out to PR's as they are currently working from home, using this time to plan for the future and researching influencers to work with. They are also in desperate need for content, as they are unable to get into their studios... and hang on a minute, aren't you a content creator?! *wink wink*

How important is it for an Influencer like yourself and the founder of TID to have a growing contacts database right now?

Crucial, it's not what you know, its who you know... especially in this industry.

Do you have plans in the future to expand?

Absolutely, but at the moment my focus is really on growing and perfecting 'The Directory' and 'VIP Events' area's of the app. The aim of both of these area's is to provide relevant, up to date contact database and events list to allow bloggers/influencers and industry professionals to find the contacts they need quickly and efficiently.
I also want to offer coaching for both established and budding influencers (I currently share tips and tricks on my personal instagram @rosalind.weinberg) and throw extravagant events for our subscribers, enabling influencers to network with brands both online and offline!

Subscribe to The Directory via The Influencer's Diary iPhone app (here) - £14.99 per month, cancel any time!



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