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This week we catch up with fitness queen, Karly Arber.

Are you a full-time influencer? If so, could you please walk us through what an ordinary day looks like? If not, what is your occupation and how does being an influencer affect your job, if at all? How do you balance the two?

I have a full time job working as an analyst in Banking in the City, my official job title is European Business Manager. I have a passion for fitness and work hard to follow my dreams of pursuing a career in the fitness industry alongside my day job. Juggling more than one job is hard going, but I have a good routine and plan my week/month in advance to help me stay organised. I wake up by 6 am every day and go to the gym before I start my job in the city. I work on my business of an evening and also at weekends, then try to spend as much time with family and friends. I have big dreams and I’m committed to achieving my goals so I keep a good balance and do whatever it takes to make it work.

Do you see yourself pursuing being an influencer into the future? If so, are there any particular goals you'd like to achieve through this job?

I never planned to be an ‘influencer’ as such, I kind of fell into it after discovering my passion for fitness. I started sharing my transformation journey on Instagram, networking with like-minded people and building up an audience - which created some amazing job opportunities and landed me into the world of influencing. I’ve always loved helping people so I’m thankful for being in a position where I can help other women improve their lives. I haven’t been in the fitness industry for long and there is a lot I want to achieve. I’m goal driven and love pushing myself out of my comfort zone - all my goals really motivate and excite me! I would love to travel the world, meet new people with the same interests as me, work with more fitness and fashion brands, create more workout guides, continue to use my platform to help women (in all aspects of life, not just fitness) and also launch a luxury activewear clothing line!

In a world where there is always a new trend or fad, how would you recommend keeping up with the relevancy of the time? Or do you believe it’s better for an influencer to stay away from these trends and create their own relevancy in another way?

I wouldn’t be inclined to follow a new trend or fad, I always choose to do what makes me happy and stay true to myself. Even with the clothes I wear, I don’t look to buy the ‘new in’ thing that everyone else has, my style is simple timeless classic pieces. Creating your own relevancy and being authentic is what gives you your identity and allows you to show your personality which overtime time will help build your own personal brand. I’m proud of who I am and I want people to know the real me so I don’t feel pressure to follow the latest trend.

How important is it to keep a consistent image of yourself to your audience? Would you ever consider changing your image to match a trend?

Consistency is key in every aspect of life. I’m a firm believer of being positive and confident, and not comparing yourself to other people. It’s taken me a long time to adopt this mindset and to be honest it’s still something I continue to work on every day - but it’s massively improved my life! I’ve learnt to be comfortable in my own skin and grateful for what I have so I wouldn’t want to ever change my image, especially not to match a trend. I don’t have a huge audience on social media but they’re all amazing and support me. Keeping my image consistent and staying true to myself allows my audience to get to know the real me which is really important for building trust. I receive so many lovely messages and comments which motivate me in everything I do. I would rather be myself and have a smaller audience than pretend to be someone I’m not just to gain a larger audience and match a trend.

How do you feel trends will affect your own blog in a few years?

I don’t tend to worry about the future as everything can change. I take every day as it comes and remain focused on my goals. Trends can have an effect on blogs but if you keep working hard and stick at it, you will get the results you want (having a flexible approach also helps!). My message to my audience remains consistent which is to be positive, enjoy life, inspire others, be happy and live a healthy lifestyle – a trend isn’t going to affect that. I realise not everyone is going to like what I do and I’m ok with that, I will still continue doing what I’m doing and try to impact people’s lives in a positive way. A good friend of mine once said.. ‘We’re not here for a long time, just a good time!’ and I truly believe that. We should remain focused on the present and do the best we can, enjoy every day and try not to worry too much about the years ahead.

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